5 GEN Methodology Explained with Example

5 GEN Methodology Explained with Example

→ 5 GEN Methodology is a very famous Japanese Method for problem-solving and various improvements activities related to manufacturing operations.

→ All five principles start with the word "GEN" that's why it is known as the 5 GEN Methodology or 5 GEN principles.

→ This method is used for problem-solving and improvement projects.

→ This method provides an efficient and effective solution.

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The 5 GEN Principles

→ The 5G principles are mentioned below.

  1. GEN_BA
  4. GEN_RI

5 GEN Principles

01. GEN-BA

→ GEN_BA means the "Actual Place".

→ Sometimes Genba is also used as Gemba - both names are the same.

→ Gemba is a combination of two Japanese words Gen and Ba.

→ In easy language, we can understand the Gemba as the real place where the incident happened.

→ In other words, we can say that the Gemba is the place where we need to perform the improvement projects or the problem to be solved or some work to be done.

→ As per the Gemba concept, we need to visit the actual place for problem_solving or perform any improvement.

→ This is a very famous Japanese method that is used in TPM Methodology and Toyota Production System.

→ When we are facing any problem then we need to go to the Gemba and observe the problem.

→ We can also proactively find out the different 7 Types of Abnormalities by visiting the Gemba and it helps us to prevent failure.

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→ The second “G” is known as Genbutsu.

→ GEN_butsu means the "Actual Thing".

→ Sometimes, Genbutsu is known as Genchi Gembutsu which means “go & see”.

→ The actual thing might be a product, tool, or process that we need to improve or analyze.

→ We can identify the correct root cause and make the right decision after visiting and understanding the actual thing at the actual place.

→ The team needs to observe the failed equipment or parts at the Gemba for problem_solving.

→ This helps in identifying the actual root cause of the failure.


→ GEN_jitsu means the "Actual Condition."

→ Genjitsu refers to the data and facts related to the problem or incident that happened.

→ The actual condition is the most important thing for further analysis of the problem.

→ We can compare the actual condition with the ideal or standard condition for identifying what's going wrong or right?

→ By this study, we can easily assess the real causes of the problem and we can take further actions on that.

→ In this step, the team needs to gather all the data about the 4Ms that means data related to man, machine, materials, and method for analysis.

→ It helps the team for identifying the actual root cause behind the problem.

04. GEN-RI

→ The fourth “G” stands for Genri. 

→ GEN_ri means "Principles" or "Theory."

→ We need to understand the principles or theory of machines or any equipment before resolving the abnormality or problem.

→ The principle of the machine helps the team for identifying the cause of the problem.

→ With the help of the machine operating principle, the team can assess the machine running condition.


→ GEN_soku means "Fundamental Rules, parameters, or Standards."

→ For daily operations, we need to train all operators with the standard machine operating parameters.

→ With the help of a standard parameter, the operator maintains the machine in normal condition.

→ Most of the common reasons for the equipment failure is the deviation of the machine parameters from the standards.

→ To eliminate machine breakdowns we need to train people with various standards like SoPs, OPLs, Work Instructions, Process Parameters Standards, etc.

→ Also, we need to display all standard documents near the machine so that they can be easily accessed by an operator.

→ Also, we need to update all standards after successfully problem-solving.

Benefits of 5GEN Principles:

→ Easily perform the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for any problem.

→ Identify and solve the abnormalities.

→ It helps for the Standardization of the Operation across the Organization

→ It helps for the Problem Solving and various improvement projects

→ 5 GEN principles improve the operator's knowledge and problem-solving skills

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