Repeatability vs Reproducibility

Repeatability vs Reproducibility

→ Repeatability and Reproducibility is an important parameter of Measurement System Analysis. This is a very important concept to find out the Gauge R&R study.
→ We can easily find the variation of the operator and gauge which helps us to improve our process.

Measurement System Variation


➨ It is the variation in measurements obtained,
     ⇢ By one appraiser
     ⇢ with one measurement instrument
     ⇢ when used several times
     ⇢ while measuring the identical characteristic
     ⇢ on the same part
     ⇢ in the same environmental condition
     ⇢ repetition over a short period of time
     ⇢ This is due to an error in gauge
→ An example is mentioned below:


Possible Causes of Poor Repeatability:

→ There is two possible cause are:
[1] Equipment:
     ⇢ Instrument needs maintenance
     ⇢ or it should be more rigid

[2] People:
     ⇢ Environmental condition (Lighting, Noise)
     ⇢ Physical Condition (Eyesight)

MSA Training Presentation


➨ It is the variation in the average of the measurements made,
     ⇢ By different appraisers
     ⇢ using the same measuring instrument
     ⇢ when measuring the identical characteristic
     ⇢ on the same part
     ⇢ This is due to operator error


Possible Causes of Poor Reproducibility:

→ Measurement Procedure is not clear
→ The operator is not properly trained in using and reading gauges.
→ Operational definitions not established
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