Repeatability vs Reproducibility  What is the difference between Repeatability and Reproducibility

What is the difference between Repeatability and Reproducibility?

→ Repeatability and Reproducibility is an important parameter of Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
→ The difference between Repeatability and Reproducibility is mentioned below.

➤ Repeatability:

➥ It is the variation in measurements obtained,
 By one appraiser 
→ with one measurement instrument
→ when used several times
→ while measuring the identical characteristic
→ on the same part
→ in the same environmental condition
→ repetition over a short period of time


➥ Examples of Repeatability:

The examples are mentioned below:

Examples of Repeatability

 Possible Causes of Poor Repeatability:

There is two Possible cause:
[1] Equipment:
→ Instrument needs maintenance
→ The instrument needs to be more rigid
[2] People:
→ Environmental condition (Lighting, Noise)
→ Physical Condition (Eyesight)

➤ Reproducibility:

➥ It is the variation in the average of the measurements made,
→ By different appraisers 
→ using the same measuring instrument
→ when measuring the identical characteristic
→ on the same part


➥ Possible Causes of Poor Reproducibility:

→ Measurement Procedure is not clear
→ The operator is not properly trained in using and reading gauge.
→ Operational definitions not established