Attribute Vs Variable data

Attribute data vs Variable data

→ The difference between attribute data and variable data is mentioned below:

1) Attribute data:

 Attribute data is qualitative data that can be counted or can be said as yes or no for recording and analysis.
→ Attribute data also called discrete data.

➤ There are two kinds of attribute data

         [1] Yes/No type of data and 
         [2] Counting data

     ➧ For one item, there are only two possible outcomes: either it passes or it fails against the specification.
     ➧ Each item inspected is either defective or not defective.

➤ Examples of the Yes/No attribute data are:

→ Mail delivered: is it on time or not on time?
→ Phone answered: is it answered or not answered?
→ Warehouse regular stock item: is it in stock or not in stock?
→ The invoice generated: is it correct or not correct?
→ Product confirmation: is it in-spec or out of spec?

➤ Examples of the Count attribute data are:

→ Number of defective product per shift
→ How many students have passed the exam?

2) Variable Data:

→ Variable data is observed or measured to any decimal place you want (if your measurement system allows it)
→ Variable data also called continuous data.

➤ Examples of the variable data are:

→ Length
→ Width 
→ Height
→ Density etc...