What is Quality  The Real Meaning of Quality

What is Quality? | The Real Meaning of Quality

→ "Quality is a degree of excellence”
→ “Quality is a Conformance to specification”
→ There are some other definitions of Quality are given below :
→ “Quality means Freedom from defects”
→ “Quality means Meeting the requirements of the customers"

1History of Quality Word:

Quality word oriented from the Latin word  ‘Qualitus’ it means General excellence.

2) Quotes on Quality:

→  "Quality is everyone's responsibility" - By Edward Deming
→  "Quality means do it right when no one is looking" - Henry Ford

What is Quality  The Real Meaning of Quality

3) Dimensions of Quality (Broad meaning of Quality):

→ Quality is not only saying the product, process or service is ok or not ok but also it has eight different dimensions which are given below.

What is Quality  The Real Meaning of Quality

➤ [1] Performance:

    →“A quality product will perform as expected by the user and as specified by the manufacturer."
   → If products do not do as buyers expect, users will be disappointed and frustrated. 
   → Poor performing products get negative reviews and lose sales and reputation.

➤ [2] Features :

    → What additional benefits will be added to the product? 
    → Some features will be present in all products but other features will only be found in "quality" products.
    → For example, all cars have wheels, steering wheel, gears, windows, and seats but only some cars have assisted parking and Bluetooth etc.…

➤ [3] Reliability :

    → Is the product consistent? 
    → Will it perform well over its expected lifetime and perform consistently? 
    → Many brands have developed trust with customers because of their product’s reliability.
    → e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Google…..

What is Quality  The Real Meaning of Quality

➤ [4] Conformance :

     → Does your product meet the specification which was given by the customer or mentioned in design?

➤ [5] Durability :

    → How durable is your product? 
    → Will it last long with daily use?

➤ [6] Serviceability :

    → Make sure customers are satisfied with the products and services of the organization.

What is Quality  The Real Meaning of Quality

➤ [7] Aesthetics :

    → It is related to a product’s look, appearance or beauty e.g. Lamborghini 

➤ [8] Perceived Quality :

    → Quality perception about the brand  e.g.  Rolls Royce
    → What brand name is going to be used and does this convey any perception of quality?

What is Quality  The Real Meaning of Quality

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