Quality Assurance vs Quality Control | QA vs QC

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control | QA vs QC

→ The difference between similar-looking two different words Quality Assurance and Quality Control are mentioned below in five different categories.
→ Quality Assurance is Prevention Control.
→ Quality Control is Detection Control.

What is Assurance?

→ Assurance means giving a positive declaration on a product which gives confidence for the outcome.
→ It gives a surety that the product will work without any problems as per the expectations or requests.

What is Quality Assurance?

→ Quality Assurance is focused on preventing defect.
→ It ensures that the methods, techniques, and processes are designed for the projects are implemented correctly.
→ It is a proactive approach and is prevention control.

What is Control?

→ Control is to check or verify the actual results of the product or process by comparing with the defined standards or specification.

What is Quality Control?

→ Quality Control is focused on identifying a defect or mitch match of the specification as compared to a defined specification.
→ It ensures that the methods, techniques, and processes are designed in the project are following correctly.
→ It is a reactive approach and is detection control.

1) Definition:

   ⇒ QA
       → It is a set of activities which ensures the process for good output."
   ⇒ QC: 
       → It is a set of activities which ensure the quality of product either it is good or bad.

2) Focused on:

   ⇒ QA:
        It is focused on the prevention of defects.
        It is a proactive approach that means it works before product made.
  ⇒ QC : 
       It is focused on the identification of defects.
       It is a reactive approach that means it works after a product made

3) Goal:

   ⇒ QA:
        The goal of QA is to develop a robust process so that the defects will not generate.
   ⇒ QC: 
       → The goal of QC is to develop the product checking method so that the defects do not pass to the customer.

4) Responsibility:

   ⇒ QA:
       → Everyone from supplier to dispatch team (all team member) are responsible for that.
   ⇒ QC: 
       → Usually, a specific team is responsible for testing of product for defect before pass it to the customer.

5) Examples:

   ⇒ QA:
       → Process verification is an example of QA.
       → It makes sure you are doing the right things, the right way
   ⇒ QC: 
       → Product validation/ Product testing is an example of QC.