Quality Management Principles | ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management Principles ISO 9001

What is Quality Management Principle in ISO 9001?

→ Quality Management Principles are a part of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System's Requirements.
→ ISO 9001 is based on the Seven Quality Management Principles.
→ They are also useful resources for management professionals looking to implement or improve a Quality management program.

Seven Quality Management Principles in ISO 9001

  1. Customer Focus
  2. Leadership
  3. Engagement of People
  4. Process Approach
  5. Improvement
  6. Evidence-based decision making
  7. Relationship Management 
Seven Quality Management Principles in ISO 9001:2015

➤ Quality Management Principle 1 – Customer Focus:

→ The primary focus of quality management is to meet the customer's requirements.
→ This principle is about understanding the needs of our existing and future customer.
→ It aligns organizational objectives with customer's needs and expectations.
→ This principle is all about the meet customer's requirements, ensure the level of customer satisfaction.

➤ QualityManagementPrinciple 2 – Leadership:

→ Leaders of an organization establish direction, unity of purpose and create a condition in which people are engaged in achieving the quality objectives and the common goal of the organization.
→ Leadership establish a vision and direction for the organization and set the goals of the organization.
→ This principle is also established trust and recognize the contribution of employees.

➤ Quality Management Principle 3 in ISO 9001 – Engagement of People:

→ All people within the organization must be competent, empowered and engaged in delivering value.
→ Engagement of People is about to ensure people’s abilities and enable participation in various continual improvement programs.
→ This principle evaluates the performances of employees, it enables learning and knowledge sharing and brainstorming of problems and constraints in an open forum.

➤ QualityManagementPrinciple 4 – Process Approach:

→ The process approach is a management strategy.
→ When managers use a process approach, it means that they manage and control the processes, the interactions between these processes, and the inputs and outputs that tie these processes together.
→ Process Approach manages all organizational activities as processes and also measures the capability of organizational activities.
→ This principle Identify linkages between activities and prioritize improvement opportunities.

➤ Quality Management Principle  in ISO 9001 – Improvement:

→ Improvement is related to ongoing improvement related activity in an organization.
→ This principle is about to improve the performance of an organization.
 Motivate the improvement activities within the organization.
 Empower people to make continual improvements.
 It Celebrates improvements.

➤ QualityManagementPrinciple 6 – Evidence-based decision making:

→ Evidence-Based Decision Making is a decision-making process based on the data or performance of product or process.
→ It ensures the accessibility of accurate and reliable data and uses appropriate methods to analyze data.
 This principle promotes decisions making based on analysis and practical experience.

➤ Quality Management Principle 7 – Relationship Management:

→ Organizations manage their relationships with their all suppliers.
→ Relationship Management is about to Identify and select suppliers to manage costs, optimize resources, and create value for the organization.
 Short term and long term relationship building.
 It Collaborates on improvement and development activities with the stakeholders.